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Peds' Needs, Inc.

PO Box 775276
St. Louis, MO


Our Team


Brandi Gonzalez-Garcia, Founder

Brandi Gonzalez-Garcia is founder of Peds’ Needs Inc, which was formed December, 2007. Ms Gonzalez-Garcia initiated Peds’ Needs, Inc after serving the medical community as a pediatric clinic facilitator for Grace Hill Community Health Center and school nurse.  Ms Gonzalez-Garcia is also the chairperson for the Pediatric Complete Health Coalition.  She also worked for the non-profit organization Safe Streets in Tacoma, Washington as the Safe School Zones Coordinator and sat as chairperson for numerous boards that hosted such event as community forums, health-fairs, and community mobilizations.

After receiving her degree in Lakewood, Washington in Arts and Science, Ms Gonzalez-Garcia moved with her family to St Louis, Missouri and completed her nursing training.  Ms Gonzalez-Garcia has served in the U.S Army active duty for three years and is currently serving in the U.S. Army Reserve as a medical professional.


Kenneth E. Raymond, School Districts Liaison

Kenneth E. Raymond is the School Districts Liaison of Peds' Needs, Inc. Before relocating from St. Louis to Dallas, Texas, Mr. Raymond attended Fontbonne University and served as a medical tutor for the HOBET (Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test). After working with the surgical team at Eagle Eye Care and performing pre- and post -operational care, Mr. Raymond continued to serve his community with volunteer work with numerous children’s’ outreach organizations. 

After spending three years in Dallas as a sales and advertising manager and outreach coordinator, Mr. Raymond relocated to Miami, Florida. He served as an Area Manager until he joined the team of Peds’ Needs, Inc and now proudly serves the pediatric community. 


Antuan Hall, Sr
Director of Distribution


Antuan Hall is the Director of Distribution with Peds’ Needs Inc.  In this role, Mr. Hall oversees inventory, shipping and receiving, and online inventory productivity.  He manages and leads a corporate team in providing top notch customer service in distribution operations.  A big believer in “MAKING YOUR CHILD OUR FIRST PRIORITY”, Mr. Hall supports the health of our kids.   Mr. Hall has 16 years of Business Finance /Management experience.  His background in Business Management provided the perfect foundation for Peds Needs Inc.  In the Business world, Mr. Hall is well known for his knowledge and integrity.  Mr. Hall is a qualified Business Manager and holds a Business/Accounting degree


Darrell Gray II, Director of Marketing

Darrell Gray II is the Director of Marketing of Peds’ Needs, Inc.  After successfully managing, marketing and operating an independent organization for seven years, Mr. Gray is currently responsible for cultivation of the marketplace by gathering and analyzing market research information to improve overall competitiveness of Ped's Needs with a combination of marketing tools that are used to satisfy customers and company objectives. He is an alumni of the University of Missouri in Columbia and St. Louis.

He has voluntarily worked amongst children of all ages for many years in sporting leagues such as Competitive Basketball tournaments and education mentoring.  He joined Peds’ Needs, Inc. in May 2009 and now proudly services America’s pediatric community.







PH: 314-621-5900 Toll Free 800-880-9184 FAX: 888-455-8490


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